Want to Grow Fresh Veggies at Home?

We all want to grow a few fresh herbs and salad vegetables at our back door don't we?

So what stops you from achieving that?

  • It's too far to bend down
  • I don't have enough room
  • Pots leak on my verandah and stain it
  • I just don't have a green thumb
  • I haven't seen anything that looks any good
Grow Veggies at Home

We Think We Have The Answer

Introducing the ezyGrow Raised Garden Bed

How the ezyGrow works
  • The ezyGrow stands 550mm high, so you can even garden sitting down
  • The ezyGrow is 1mt long by half a meter wide. So it is small enough to fit on any patio or verandah but still large enough to grow a good selection of veggies, herbs and flowers
  • A revolutionary design captures the excess water and nutrient in the base of the planter. A patented overflow tube prevents the growing medium from becoming water logged and provides a convenient way to empty the excess into a watering can and recycle it back onto your ezyGrow garden.
  • Growing in the ezyGrow is soooo easy. There are a few basic steps to follow but once you have started your first garden you will be away and experimenting growing different things. We encourage our fellow ezyGrow members to share their experiences so you can learn too.
  • Finally a patio pot that looks great and won't leak all over the deck and stain it. Not only that it is practical, you can grow herb and veggies right at your back door where you want them when you are cooking.
Rod Ex-Farmer

The ezyGrow is just so easy! The fact the planter is nice and high, but still reachable for my 2 ½ year old granddaughter makes growing an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Australian Made

  • We’re proud to be 100% Australian Made and Owned and want to support our manufacturing industry.
  • That’s why the ezyGrow is made right here in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The ezyGrow has been inspired by the Australian climate and designed by Australians too. It's built with a solid UV Stable material and has been designed to provide a high standard against Australia's harsh sunlight.

  • When you buy an ezyGrow you're supporting a family run business and helping keep jobs in Australia.

Shirley Avid Gardener

I was one of the first people to get an ezyGrow and have been rapt with what I can grow in such a small space. I've grown lettuce, bok-choy, strawberries, tomatoes and even zucchinis! The planter is fantastic as it requires no bending or digging.


The ezyGrow is For Sale Now!

Gum Tree - ezyGrow Planter

GumTree ezyGrow Planter

Further discounts on all orders of two or more products!

  • Shipping available within Australia via      Australia Post
  • Makes a great gift for any occasion!
Cinnamon - ezyGrow

Cinnamon ezyGrow Planter

Further discounts on all orders of two or more products!

  • Shipping available within Australia via      Australia Post
  • Makes a great gift for any occasion!

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